This Page is for Pictures and Testimonies of Our Past litters of Puppies. They were sent to us by their new Families in their new For-Ever Homes!!!!!

Hi Cherie,

Hope all is well! I just wanted to send you a picture of Duncan loving his new bed. He is doing great and had his vet appointment yesterday. He is almost 4 lbs now! One of the vet technicians was absolutely in love with Duncan and said she has been wanting a dachshund for a long time but can not find any breeders around here. She asked for your name and number and I gave her your website so you may be hearing from her soon... she was very interested and would not let me leave without writing down your info for her!!!  

Have a good day! 

Hi Cherie, Just was checking out your site and see all the pups are sold. They were so cute. So Molly’s little sister is going to have a litter. Wow that is great. Our Molly is doing just wonderful. She is sure a lap dog. She is so used to me being home with her. When I get dressed she is always upset because she thinks I am going to leave her home. I put off going places to stay with the little stinker. She is so much company..... I don’t know of any dog that is as good as she is. She still rings the bell when she has to go out and runs out and right back in. Doesn’t like the cold. LOL. I guess she is just like us.... It has been so cold here and I know you have the same weather. I will be so glad when spring comes. It gets boring just sitting around... We have got to get to see you sometime this summer. Jim is always asking me do I want another dog. I say no because I just am so happy with Molly... It would be hard camping and traveling. She does wonderful in hotels but they are hard to find. So many won’t take dogs. I think the dogs are better then some people’s kids. Oh did I say that!!!!. Quinn is all excited about having a brother or sister. He wants a sister. Smart, she won’t want his toys. he is doing wonderful in pre k. We visit him a lot and he comes here. Seems every time he comes we get snowed in and he can’t get home. But he doesn’t care. He and Molly play all day. Well better go and finish getting dinner ready. Talk soon and take care and stay warm. Always in my thought. Karen

Hello, how are you doing? Everything here is doing good. Just thought I would drop you a line and send a few pictures.
We are so lucky to have her, she is so sweet as you can see by the one picture of her sleeping with my daughter. 
She sleeps on my pillow with me every night. Sugar has so much personality, she still has to have the last word and with 
the warmer weather she has discovered worms. She pulls them out of the ground and brings them on my back porch in a pile then 
tries to sneak them in the house. So we have to do a worm check and tell her to drop her wormies. lol . Her and Cookie are best of friends, a 
perfect match. They are inseparable. I will try to get a video of her with my cell and send it to you in an email.

Nice talking to you,


Hey Cherie!

Royce is doing great. He loves to go outside now. The one morning we let my daughter's dog out and left the door open so she could get back in and Royce ran right out with her, pottied, and then came back in. :) He's been incredibly easy. He definitely does love to eat! My daughters have taken some pictures of him so I'll have to ask them to send them and then I'll send 'em your way. He's not a fan of collars though, haha. But we're working on it. Other than that he's done really well. He does a pretty good job of holding it over night (it probably helps that we don't go to bed until later so it's only around 6 hours he has to keep it in. He does get a newspaper to use if he can't make it. Better that then the floor! He is, amusingly enough, a little bit of a happy pee'er. He was watching my daughter make dinner one night, tail wagging like crazy, sitting down, and when he moved there were a few dribbles on the ground. Oh well, it was kinda funny. 

We really haven't had any real snow yet so he hasn't been able to experience that. I was worried winter would be tough but so far so good (it's been rather mild up here). Your new little one is probably wondering what the heck just happened! Oh he's not a fan of blankets, when he lays on the couch or floor he tends to stick to the cooler surfaces. He really is doing well, adapting nicely and Sugar and him are starting to play now too.

I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving as well and your family and pups are doing well. Ours was nice, the family came over, swooned over Royce, and he hammed it up through the night. No questions as of yet. But I do appreciate you being available if we do.  

I'll send you some pictures tonight if I can get some from my kids or I'll just snap some more myself on a camera.


just wanted to drop a line tho say how happy we are with our Maddie!! the boys are getting more comfortable with her and she is starting to put them in there place. we will send some pictures soon. thanks for all the help and congratulations on selling all the puppies.

sue and corey

Cherie, Just wanted to say thank you for a great year with our little Lily. It was one year ago today that we came to get her and it's been the best year. We love her so much, thank you for the opportunity you gave us to buy her.

Rob Barger

Just wanted to thank you for a great month of having Oliver, we all love him very much and are so lucky to have him. Having him and Lily is so great for Brody and we love both of them so much. You guys were great to us and want to thank you for keeping us so involved throughout the time Oliver was to small to come home to us. Thank you again for everything you guys have done.
Rob Barger

Hi Cherie,

We hope you're well and enjoyed the past holiday weekend.

Just wanted to give you an update on Coty. He's doing great. We had him looked at by a local Vet last Friday and he came through with flying colors. He goes back this Friday for whatever shot(s) he is due. I've attached the Invoice and a few bonus photos of Coty in his new environment.

We wish you and your family well and we'll try to remember to send you an occassional update/photo of our (yours and ours) little boy.

BTW- Alexa was curious to know if you've had another litter yet??

Take care, Edwin, Peggy & Alexa

Hi Cherie! What a great video! We really enjoyed meeting you and seeing the quality breeder that you are. I have never felt so good about the place our pet is coming from. I just love Chloe so much already and know she will be a precious addition to our family. I look forward to seeing you on Sunday and will let you know if we want to come out for a visit before then. Can't wait!



Brady slept all thorough the night! It must just be my motherly touch 

I put a fan in the kitchen on low so it was humming softly, and then I heated up a gel pack that I got from the chiropractor, wrapped it up tight in an old pillow case and laid it next to Brady when I put him to sleep and he never got up!! And when I got up to feed him at 6 he was quietly laying in his crate with a toy. He is the sweetest thing!  


Hey Cherie,
Sorry it has taken so long to give you an update on how Lonnie has been doing. Shes actually been progressing here very well. You did such an amazing job with her that the first night with her was cake. Although the next few nights were a little rough. You were right dachshunds do love their owners. but she has been eating her puppy food as well as getting into the regular dog food non stop. she gets along with all the dogs that she is around... yes even the chihuahua... they tend to fight over the toys though but its so cute. hearing her bark at him is just hilarious. but yes lonnie is doing great and we have lots of funny and cute stories. even her house training is going well. she has only had a few accidents in the house but they werent bad at all. shes still a puppy so they are excusable.
Thank You again for everything!
-Brian, Hilary & Lonnie

Hello Cherie!

Thanks for checking in on the boys. They are doing wonderful! I can't imagine our family now without them. They have a nice routine and are doing well with house training! They are eating well and so active but also cuddly and sweet. We took them to the vet to have a preliminary well visit. The vet gave their weights at Rupert: 5.4 lbs, Dexter: 4.2 lbs. 

Thanks again for taking such wonderful care of them. I hope their brother are doing well also in their new homes. We will keep in touch!


Hi Cherie!

I just wanted to send you an update...Casey was so excited to get her puppy yesterday, and declared it "A dream come true!" She named him Peanut - which I think is so fitting. He has settled in so quickly, you would think we've had him forever. He is so unbelievably sweet...he adores everyone in the house, and just loves to snuggle and be held. He wants to play with George, our lab, but George just sort of back away and lifts his paws...Jeff calls it the elephant and the mouse story. It's so darn cute. I'm sure George will warm up to him, but it's funny to watch him back away from tiny little Peanut. 

We had a wonderful first night - we set him up in the pen with everything he needed and he just settled right in. He fell asleep pretty quickly and stayed asleep until 6:30 this morning! We were so relieved when we realized he slept all night. 

I just wanted to let you know that he is doing wonderful and already seems to be adjusted to his new home. He is a happy little boy and we all love him so much. When he's not on someone's lap, he is playing and wagging away. 

Enjoy the attached picture of him and Casey. 

Thanks so much for bringing our family so much joy :)


Hi Cherie here is a picture for you. We named him Remington and are calling him Rem or Remi :) He did well last night he slept from about 11 to 5:30. He whined a little but not for very long. He is eating and going to the bathroom fine. After breakfast and some house cleaning this morning he's been sleeping on me for about two hours. So all together were doing well. 
Thanks again!

He's gotten so big already!! He loves everybody and everybody loves him! He is starting to learn to sit and stay and he will be getting neutered in a couple weeks. He's a great little boy...hope you enjoyed the update. :)
Hello Cherie,
I just wanted to say hello and show you how big and handsome Hercules has become! He is such a ham as you can tell in the picture I have sent! He just attended the annual Rochester Dachshund parade and was little intimidated but did very well. Everyone just absolutely adores him. Hope all is well with you and will talk to you soon!

Well, here is your Joey update. He visited the vet's on Monday for his rabies shot. As always he is a huge attraction when he is there. Everyone who sees him comments on how cute he is. Of course we have to agree. At age 15 weeks 2 days he weighs in at 8.0 pounds. He was 4.15 pounds when we brought him home. He has grown from 10 inches base of neck to base of tail (age 9 weeks) to a whopping 13.5 inches. We are so the proud parents. He has one more visit on the 30th with Dr. Mix for his "annual" physical date. I suspect that she will find him healthy and send him on his way.  

He is in no way being spoiled. And if you believe that..... :-) He has a collection of 7 collars now. And this week I will be ordering his Red Sox, Boston Bruins, and Syracuse University collars from Bailey has about 47 collars but she is a true girl and likes to change "outfits" frequently.  

I have to say, he is an energetic puppy and does listen when we are trying to teach him something. I will be taking him to obedience training soon. I want him to develop some more social skills as soon as possible. He went to our Senior Adult Ministry meeting last Thursday. He was so good through the whole hour. No barking or whining. As planned, I would love to have him become a therapy dog so we can go to the local hospitals for visits. It is way too soon to tell if this will come about.  

He still LOVES to wrestle and play with Ivan and Bailey and they allow him to even win sometimes. And he loves to be outside. Steve put the chairs out on the front porch last week and we sit out there everyday. I never have him off leash so he is never in danger. He sits in a chair and watches cars, birds and anything that moves. He is not a fan of motorcycles that downshift in front of the house. Probably because it is a sudden loud noise. Steve says he is my baby. I have to admit that I do hold him when he wants it and he loves to be held like a baby. He can't go to bed without his blue bunny. He has a mini meltdown if "bunny" isn't in bed when we go there. The other day I had thrown bunny in the hamper when I changed the sheets. This was accidental and I never meant to do it. Well, he began to tear the bed apart, looking under the comforter, under pillows, under Ivan and Bailey. Then he just plain began to bark. I looked on the floor, under the bed and then the hamper. Bunny found....crisis averted. Never separate Joey from his bunny. :-\ 

Thank you again for allowing us to bring this beautiful, loving boy in to our lives. He is a God given gift and we cherish him.  
Enjoy our early spring...

Hey Cherie!
I thought you would love to see some new photos of Oscar! he is doing wonderful! he got a lyme shot today so he is sore and just laying on the couch sleeping most of the day!! but thats nothing different from any other day! hahah. I was just looking at the new puppies that were just born and they are so adorable!!! I keep telling jonathan i want to get another doxie pup soon hahah i love them so much!! but here are some pictures i uploaded today and hope you enjoy!!! Our neighbors got a boston terrior puppy so there are some pictures of them playing tug of war with oscars ropes!!

He is really long and short too the ground with huuggee paws:) he couldn't be any cuter and has the best personality:) thank you again!

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He fits in with the family so well. He is our most playful of all the dogs
Hi Cherie, 
Congratulations on your up coming litter, I saw the announcement when I was chacking to see if Mia sold. I hope she is happy at her new home. Anyway just an update and some pictures of Beaker. SHe has made herself quite at home - note where she is sleeping. LOL The little girl is our neighbor she is 5 and calls Beaker her puppy; Beaker and Lassie get on great, although Lassie does tease her with toys so Beaker will chase her. She is really a joy and we can't thank you enough for her. 
Enjoy the pix, and take care

Dear Mama Cherie,
I wanted to let you know that I graduated from the first part of my obedience training last night. I was a star pupil in the classes. They kept telling me that I was a fast learner. My Mom and Dad were so proud of me. I have earned the right to go on to the intermediate level in the fall. I must admit I looked so good and handsome in my red harness when I went to class. Mom kept me in a harness for training and never used a choker collar to protect my neck and spine. Mom says she will get a better picture of me with my diploma, but right now....I want to nap. :-)
Lots of Love,
Joey (aka Butterbean)

Hello Cherie!!!
  We are so thrilled to have chosen Frank...he is the best little guy! All of us are super happy here, but a little tired! Between our vacation (not sleeping in our own beds, etc.), traveling on the road, and adjusting to our pup...we need to slow down.
  Frank rode home to L Island on my shoulder/neck area cradled in his blue baby blanket. Frank "freaked out" a little with whining, but settled down with some swaddling and shushing. Ali's baby experience payedoff... He really slept most of the way home.  Frankie ate, drank, and went potty at rest areas. It was pretty easy!
  The first two nights have been tough... I can't lie. We are crate training Frank. He has all that he needs: appropriate crate, blue blanket, snuggle toy, moving fan, white noise...but, he doesn't have his sisters nor his familiar house. I get that his world has been turned upside down, however we must stay strong in our efforts too.Hopefully tonight will be a turning point...the whining, crying, and barking is almost heart breaking! "Start as you mean to go" is my motto.
  Frankie is super cute and so fun to play with...he rolls over to show his tummy for a rub and kiss! He has been going outside often. He goes potty every 2 hrs or so and seems to poop twice a day. He is eating well and likes 1/2 a sm. Liver treat as a reward (going into the crate, staying on the mat until his harness is removed, running through a tunnel in the back yard, etc.) Slowly, we are getting to know each other and it is hard work, but so much fun... :)
  Frank is scheduled to visit the vet on Thursday, July 19 for his initial check up and 10 wk vaccinations. I will let you know how our man makes out. (Did you notice Frankie's floating rib on the left side? We will mention it to our just looks so creepy that's all.)
  After meeting you and your husband, I know that Frank came from goodness and was given the best possible start! You are just lovely and I am sure to be giving out your business cards where ever Frank goes...A million thanks! Keep in touch and keep the solid advice coming- I am always open to it!!!
We love baby Frankie so!!! Lisa, Matt and Miss Ali

A Floating Rib is Perfectly NORMAL for dogs to have. Dogs have 13 ribs and the last ribs are not as long as the rest of them and it is not attached to their sternum.
Morning Cheri,
  I am sorry I haven't got back to you earlier. Maria just told me you e-mailed her. I shot a shot video, best I could get with them moving around. Lily is doing wonderfully. She sleeps very well at night with Maria, we get up around 3:00 to go potty, I am thinking of trying to go through the night because she does so well. Lily goes potty 99% outside, in fact she only had one pee accident he first day, poo is harder because when they are ready their ready. Even so we only had two small poos. The rest have been outside. She is such a good puppy and sooooo attached to Maria. They are a good fit.
  Lexi has warmed up to her very well also. It really only took a day. It was so funny at first because Lexi barks alot when she is playing and it scared Lily. But as you will hear Lily found her voice. So cute!!!! I am always trying to catch good video but they move around so much it is hard. I will send more when I get some good ones.
  Again I am so sorry I didn't get back to you earlier. I hate making anyone wait. I hope you enjoy the short video.
Have a nice week,

  Just wanted to update you, Daisy Mae is doing GREAT! She only cried for 1/2hr - 45mins last night in her crate and slept till 4:30am. You did a great job potty training her!! It does not take her long to get busy.
Was her routine to nibble all day? She starts to eat but she never seems to finish her 1/2 a cup, so we leave out all day for her. I'm sure in time she will take it all.
  She is a very smart little girl and love her to death!!
have a great evening and well talk to you soon.

the Daisy Mae's Family

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