This Page is To help with awareness and to possibly help with the prevention of Back Injuries to your Dachshunds. Dachshunds are in NO WAY Fragile!!!! Remember, This Breed was Bred to be a Hunting Dog. They are Tough, Strong and they are Active Fearless little hunters!!! Dachshunds were bred to Hunt Badgers and to retrieve them by burroughing down into holes after them. But, because most of us do not use our Dachshunds for Hunting......and Because of the fact of the Structural Shape of a Dachshund (Long body and short legs).....You do have to Always have a Mental Note on how to keep Your Dachshunds Back Healthy. Keeping them in the proper physical condition and to know what precautions can be taken to help avoid any Back Injuries....... That way you can enjoy these little guys/gals for a Loooooong Life-Time of Lots of LOVE!!!!!!

The dog's spine is made up of several small bones, called vertebrae. They extend from the base of the skull to the end of the tail. The vertebrae are connected by flexible discs made of cartilage called "intervertebral disc", which cushions between each bone that allow the neck, spine & tail to bend. Running through the vertebrae is the spinal cord - which is made up of nerves.

Remember Not All Dachshunds will experience back injuries Nor will All Lines Carry for IVDD and The chance of a Healthier Dachshund is better when purchased from a Responsible Breeder.....Here at CAMSDachshunds We Try Our Very Best to keep-out and to Avoid the IVDD gene in Our Breeding Lines!!!!!
Also, The Promising News is that there are Steps that you can take, right from the start, that can help to Avoid and to Possibly Prevent any Back injuries to Your Dachshund.

1. OBESITY:  Being Over-weight will increase the risk of back injuries in all Dog Breeds. Proper Diet and Excersise is essential. You want your Dachshund to be lean and muscular. So Walking your Dachshund is great for maintaining their weight!!!! (Tips: Instead of over-the-counter treats......Give your Dachshunds treats like: Baby Carrots, Apples, Pears, Greenbeans or other fruits and Veggies) (Avoid: Raisins, Grapes, Onions, Green Peppers and RAW Potatoes...... they can be harmful and possibly poinsonious to a dog) 

2. JUMPING: Please Keep your Dachshunds from Jumping off of furniture (beds, couches, chairs, decks) Discourage them from climbing up to any elevation that causes your dog to jump down from. Always pick-up your Dachshund and help them down from any height. (Tips: Use Steps or Ramps for the dogs to use rather than having them jump).

3. NUTRITION: Proper Nutrition and Feeding your Dachshund a Good Quality Premium Dog Food is Important to keep their Bones Strong and Healthy(Tips: Read the Ingredients that is in your Dog Food......Meat should be the Very First on the list of Ingredients. Also supplements like NuVet or NuJoint Vitamins can help with nutritional value)

4. HORIZONTAL: When Picking-up your Dachshund.... PICK them up Appropriately and always keep them Horizontal. You should wrap your arm around them as though your were going to pick-up a Football. Place your palm under their chest and craddle their abdomen with your elbow tight against you. Never Pick them up like you would a baby (NEVER from the front and under their Arms) (Tips: Start right when they are a puppy and Put yourself into the perfect habit of picking-up your Dachshund the right way and you will Always keep their backs safe for the future)

5. HARNESS: Instead of a "Collar" & Leash.......Choose to use a "Harness" & Leash, when walking your Dachshund. A Harness puts less strain on a Dachshunds back and neck, especially when you are first training your dachshund to walk on a Leash (Tips: Dachshunds chest will grow much larger as they mature. Try not to invest in a designer or an overly expensive harness for your Dachshund until after they are at least one year old. Unless, the harness is extremely adjustable, your Dachshund will out grow, their very first harness)

6. PLAY-it-SAFE: Although Dachshunds are by no means a fragile Breed....these guys are strong, tough fearless Hunters!!! But, you should always play games that are Appropriate to protect their backs. Try to avoid playing Tug-a-War with your Dachshund. The sharp back-and-forth Movements can put stress on a Dachshunds discs in their backs. Also, Do Not Encourage them to Jump-up or stand-up onto their back legs for their Treats. Give them their treats while they are just standing naturally. (Tips: Just Remember for Dachshunds....Always try to keep "ALL 4 Paws On The Floor"!!!)

Disclaimer: This information is presented for Educational, Learning and Awareness Purposes Only. We are not Veterinarians nor Health Care Professionals. Nothing herein should be interpreted as medical advice. You Should ALWAYS Contact Your Pet Care Professionals/Veterinarian for proper advice. We are not responsible for the substance and content contained herein and do not advocate any particular product, item or position contained herein.

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