Happy in Our New Homes!!!!!!

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     This Page is for Pictures and Testimonies of Our Past litters of Puppies. They were sent to us by their new Families in their new For-Ever Homes!!!!!

Hi Cherie. Merry Christmas to you and your family.
Love, Dolly and Beanie

Hi Cherie,
Thought you might want to see Elsa, 7 months now. She is such a LOVE LOVE LOVE
Her and Trixie are the bestest of pals. Elsa is so darn smart!! Her and Trixie sleep under the covers with me every night.
I have been keeping an eye on your site. WOW!! You are hopping over there, with so many new babies :) They are all so adorable!!
Well I know you are busy, just wanted to drop a note and say again THANK YOU for such a wonderful, well behaved, smart addition to our family.
take care,
Hunter is doing amazing and Matt says he loves him to pieces. He takes him to work with him every day. Thank you so much for a wonderful baby
Hi there. I wanted to send some pictures of Scarlett. My daughter and I love her so much. She loves her brother Loki and she loves being in our home. :-)
Hi Cherie!!
We are so in love. Our little ketchup doggie is such a perfect fit. She is so loving and such a snuggler. Sadie and Gavin are playmates. Gavin crawls on the floor so he is closer to her level and Sadie chases him. They literally move 90 miles an hour around the house. Morgan adores her and hates seeing her get in any type of trouble. Anytime Sadie is "in the doghouse" I always have Morgan be the first to give the "all is forgiven" love and attention she deserves. Matt has learned that he cannot sit in his beloved recliner without sharing it with his new favorite friend. It's hard for me to even describe the bond Sadie and I have. She took to me right away...maybe you and I have similar voices? When I come home and Matt is there Sadie will stop whatever she is doing and run to me 90 miles and hour. Pure love. I am bombarded with kisses and wagging tail. It is absolutely the best feeling. 
She loves being outside. Last week Matt and I put up a trampoline for the kids and Sadie just hung with the family. She would run around the yard (sometimes she hops like a bunny too) and then come right back whenever we called her. She loves sleeping on her back in my arms.... She watches me as I rub her belly and she falls asleep. She is doing really well potty training, sleeps through the night with no accidents, and gives the best kisses. Did I mention she has the cutest little bark ever or that she growls at her tennis balls?
Thank you so much. I will try to get you pictures soon. She is absolutely beautiful. 
Our love,
Becky, Matt, Morgan, and Gavin

  I finally have two seconds to give you all of the wonderful updates on Oakley. After speaking with you about him shredding his puppy pads we decided to expand his space to allow him to roam the kitchen and laundry room (crossing our fingers that it would not result in massive messes and accidents)…It worked!! He just stopped shredding the pads and he is very good about going into the laundry room to do his business where he is suppose to. Many people are all about the crating method and swear that is the only way to potty train a dog but we have seen otherwise. Oakley is extremely anxious in closed spaces so crating just wasn’t an option for us. He is now sleeping through the night for the most part - if he does have to go to the bathroom he goes right back to sleep without any issue. I’m glad the hour of play at two in the morning is over!!! All of his shots are out of the way and he is scheduled for his neuter surgery in August. He now weighs 6 pounds and is going strong on the same food you started him on. I must say, he has a wonderful temperament - he never barks at people or noises and he is overly excited by any person that shows him attention. The only time he barks is to communicate with us he wants to be picked up, played with, or given something we have of his like his toy. Every place we take Oakley people always approach who are familiar with the breed and comment on how beautiful he is - there are several people who have shared their sad story about recently losing their dachshund and expressed interest in getting another. We have shared your information with all of these people - we hope to make our area another place you commonly find forever homes for your puppies!
Thanks for everything,

Hi Cherie,
I was planning on writing you this weekend. Bailey is doing amazing. A really great dog. Only two accidents all week and one was because I didn't get my jacket on fast enough. She is going poop and pee regularly outside. She has basically since we brought her home. We have not needed and potty pads. Sleeps through the night from 930-530. Wakes only one time to potty and goes back to sleep shortly. Loves her bed and is comfortable with her crate. Still a little fussy when left alone and not tired. And still working on walking with leash. She was fussy with her collar at first but we slowly got her used to it. She barely scratches at it anymore. Bailey is sociable and loves people and the other dogs. She is a quiet calm dog. Great vision and hearing. Obeys my whistle and "hey" when I want her to stop. Getting used to her name and other commands like "come here" and "beddy time". We are happy with her and are adjusting fine. Haven't done many social things this week. Just work and spending time with the dog. Thank you for doing your job well and setting us up with a wonderful puppy. 
Brian, Karly and Bailey

Hi Cherie:
How are you? Hope all is well with you and your husband. Summer was great! Samson had his surgery and is now fully grown. The boys love running around the house with and torturing (I mean playing) with him. He loves every minute of it. We continue to look at the new puppies on ur website from time-to-time. Too cute! Take care.
Regards, Rod

Here are some new pics of BobBo! He's such a ham, lol! He's a real good boy, you would just love him, We do!! He's gotten BIG, at his last vet check he weighs 11.7#'s, 2 wks ago. But he's not fat @ all, Solid Muscle. We sent In his AKC papers, his registered name is: Buford Tiberius Beauregard BobBo!
Any new litters? We may want another next spring. We just love him so so much, everyone who sees him does!
Regards, Lorrie

Hi Cherie
Hermione is doing wonderful. She has adjusted well to her new home. She is defiantly mommy's girl. She is always wanting to be with me. I love it! Her my her brother Tayzer are getting along great. She helps him eat his dinner some times. And he lets her dig in. Lol. Here are a couple of pics of her. I will keep in touch and send more pics as she grows up. Thanks again for giving me such a beautiful baby. Couldn't have asked for a better companion.  Love her dearly. Jayme

Dear Cherie,
As The Duchess approaches 6 months old I would like to tell you how much joy she has brought to Bob and I. She is the sweetest most loving little thing. She loves everybody and wags her tail at all those she meets. She is an absolute beauty; so cuddly and soft. She is a wonderful companion. She eats the TLC food you recommend and tips the scale at 6.6 lbs with beautiful glossy fur. Thank you for the wonderful gift you and your family gives those wanting a puppy.  
Sincerely, Brenda

I'm sorry that I haven't sent an update sooner! Ella is wonderful!! She is just head over heels for her big sister Pixel. She has to be by her side constantly!! Pixel is definitely the big sister.. she likes her alone time but she has patience for her little sister. Their personalities could not be any more different. Pixel is such the lady, and Ella is our little tomboy! She is very rambunctious and always wants to play!! She is going to be so much bigger than her sister, she is already very close to Pixel's size and even weighs more than her already!! It's only now that we realize how small Pixel really is!
I only have a few pictures of the two of them on this computer, but I will be sure to send you some more later!!
All the best, Melissa
Hi Cherie! It's so nice to hear from you and I hope your summer is going great! We've been having lots of fun with these two! It's so funny and adorable to see their little personalities grow. Stella is so cute and funny! And she's very vocal. If we are even 5 minutes late with her meal, she will be sure to let us know!! :) they keep each other busy by chasing each other around the house, sharing toys and running in the yard. They are so cute!! Sometimes when Stella has been nipping her brother just a bit too much, he will take off to his bed just to get a break from her sharp puppy teeth! Lol! It's so cute because Alfie will always give Stella kisses in the morning. He adores her :). Can you believe Alfie turns 3 this week on the 29th?! Hard to believe our handsome boy is 3!! It's funny, I meant to email you this summer, and we were also wondering how you are doing?! :)
I am going to forward you some pics in the next email. 
Thanks for thinking of us! Alfie and Stella are a joy and we also send lots of love and warm wishes from the 4 of us :)   Vini

Here's Ms.Diamond

Hi Cherie,
Just a quick note to say, hi. Sammy is doing great. He's a real love! Everyone, from neighbors to the staff and the vet. adore him! He holds his own with Brady...he's so sweet and loves to play. He and I start pet training later today. Here's his latest picture.
Take care and I hope you're doing well.
Sincerely, Sally
Hi Cherie,
The pet training class went well (we have 5 more). I think Sammy is a natural for this class! It's basic puppy training. Great commands to know, motivated by treats! As I mentioned, Brady went thru it and will sit, lie down, stay and come really well. She shows us good leash walking, ect. I get a kick out of the trainer...she looks and sounds like Julia Childs :-)
I'll check in with you with pictures every so often to keep in touch with Ruby Rose's little boy. Sammy is just wonderful.
Take care, Sally

Hi Cherie
We are in LOVE! He's the sweetest boy and has been snuggling us non-stop! He slept all the way home and the first night he slept from 11:30-5:30. We were so impressed. For the past few nights he's slept the whole night (we usually get up around 6:30 or 7)!! He having so much fun running around our backyard and sniffing everything in sight. He barked one time and it was the cutest thing - I think he scared himself haha Our family and friends think that he is the cutest puppy they have ever seen with his beautiful eyes and spikey fur. We agree! 
He's been eating pretty well although he does get distracted but we've been encouraging him to keep eating. It was a pleasure meeting Troy and we want to thank both of you for doing such a wonderful job with Rigatoni! He's the best!
Here are a few pictures :)
Thank you again!
Erica and Chris
Just a quick pic of Rigatoni and wanted you to know that he is growing so fast and is such a funny boy! He is so lovable :)
More updates soon!
Erica and Chris

Morning nap with Lily :-)
Stanley is laying over on his bed with his nose still slightly bent out of shape, and Lily will not keep her nose off of Peter ! :-)
So far he's had only one pooping accident inside, I had taken him out twice knowing he had to go, but it was raining pretty steady so he just peed and ran right back (and almost completely made it) up the porch step !! :-)
Thank you so much for such an awesome lil mister!! 
Merry Christmas !
From: The most beautiful boy in the world!
Bonnie, Ian, Alexandria, Cajian, Bodian, Lily, Stanley & Peter:-)
Hi Cherie,
Still can't get a good pic of our girl....she's to fast! Last Monday her Vet checkup went great! 100% Great!!!
He wants to see her on the 9th for her boosters. She is eating everything and I'm giving her the carrots as a treat like you said. Still doesn't like to be left alone in the kennel. But we know it will take time.
Hope all is well with you and yours.
Have a Great week and I'll keep you up to date.
Sue & Frank
PS She's getting LONG!

Hi Cherie,
Merry Christmas to you as well!! Here is a picture of Ivan from today. He is such a sweet loving dog. I can't believe it's been a year already, well almost for us. We love him so much!
Happy holidays to you and your family!
:) Kate

Merry Christmas Cherie! He is beautiful and has the most beautiful coat. He is a love bug. Happy New Year.   Sue

Here's DASH

Here are some Christmas pictures and pictures of her with her Buffalo Bills cheerleading dress on. Hope you had a nice holiday. Happy new Year!  Angela

Hello Cherie, 
I just wanted to say 'hello' and let you know that so many people comment on how 'sweet' and 'loving' my Redzi Rose is. I believe it is because you do such a wonderful job of socializing your pups before they have their forever home. She is now 2 years old. She is also my 4 1/2 yr old grandson's best friend. It is amazing how well they play together. I have attached a picture that was recently taken as a Christmas gift for my family. Redzi Rose's picture was release for the photographer's use. He said she was such a beauty that he wanted to use her picture as an example of pet photography. I visit your website regularly. You have a beautiful family of pups who be be loved by their new families.  
So as the holidays are upon us, I wish you and your family a blessed Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Peaceful New Year. 
O:-)God Bless, Heide

Hi Cherie!! 
We are loving Beatrice so much! She is in a great routine, we are currently working on knowing that at 4:30 Am it's potty then kennel for another hour and a half. She loves to play!! She has made great friends with our cat, KiKi, but the relationship with our dog is going a bit slower as expected. She's very curious about our other dog and all of his belongings, he is coming around slowly but surely! We absolutely adore her!

Hello Cherie,
I'm Debbie, Jay's wife, who made the best decision in 2015, taking Cocoa into our family! We are blessed to have met Cocoa through Camsdachshunds, since Cocoa is just... GREAT! I love her - not only her adorable looks but also her personality and all the affection she shows us! I just thank you and Autumn and Hoss for introducing Cocoa to us :) I have attached some pictures of Cocoa! We hope this year will be a great year for you and your family!
Debbie and Jay

Thank you! I hope y’all have a wonderful Christmas and a very blessed 2016. Attached is Miss Copper Reese – I told her that her horns are starting to come out! I can see so much of her daddy in her! When she runs through the house I tell her – I didn’t realize I flew into Buffalo to get a Buffalo! 
​I see you have new babies – how exciting! Is Kit Kat pregnant?
​I will definitely get one from her or Gabbie
​​This am waiting for their vitamin! Only time copper Reese makes a sound and it's a yodel Never had a dog that doesn't bark​.
Good morning Cherie !! 
We are all doing wonderful Loki is eating and getting more and more comfortable everyday and he's definitely got me and Keith wrapped around his little paw! He loves to play all day and snuggle all the time and sleep a lot !! We wear him out...lol!! 
He really is such a great dog him and benji love to snuggle, Loki likes to play so much more than benji so he's still getting used to that! But he is such a wonderful addition to the family and everyone that meets him is in love instantly.
He is doing well on the leash And also peeing n pooping outside like a pro, but we still have a wee wee pad out incase we r gone longer than a hour or two with getting him out but he's so good. 
Also still learning his name, but I think he's almost got it and he already knows how to sit and down next we are working on paw and roll over 😁
Thank you again for raising such a lovely little puppy! We will always send videos and pictures!! 
Kieth Tiffany Benji 🐾Loki 🐾
One of Loki sweet spot !!

Hi Cherie,
Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you! Sasha is doing very well. She is now fully protected with the rabies vaccine and everything! Once we gave her the preventative shot before her regular shots, she did not have any more allergic reactions thank goodness. She is getting so big and is now over 7 pounds. She is also very long now! And her chest is already coming in. She is so sweet and full of energy. She loves playing with other dogs and running around with her toys. She definitely has a lot of personality and does not enjoy being alone at all! 
She has gotten into the habit of barking to get what she wants, even in the middle of the night. We also have a big problem with chewing. She could chew absolutely everything if I let her! I also want to get her more used to walking properly on a harness so we can go on some longer walks. I know Petco has some obedience training and I was wondering if you think it might be a good idea to sign her up?
I will compile some of the best pictures I have and send them to you! I absolutely love her! How is everything with you? I hope Autumn is doing well!

Good Morning,
Just thought you would like to know how Rocky has been doing and honestly he has been doing great but has been a huge trouble maker. Besides that he is still having a few issues with potty training but is getting there, about a month ago the little guy and his big sister went in for surgery to get fixed seeing that we didn't need any little ones running around, and he's in great health. Other than that Rocky has been a great addition to the family and is greatly spoiled, my husband and I would be glad to bring him by if you ever wanted to see the little guy he is a great looking dog. I've attached a few photos of Rocky, Oreo, and Hershey.
Have a great day and thank you for allowing us to have Rocky,
Danielle & Gerard

Beezer is 4lbs now. Jupiter is his father figure. Beez follows him around the yard and knows the best spots to roll in. He has brightened up my home.
Beezer is a beautiful little boy. He's making friends, and is smart. Here he is after a day of playing and riding in the car.

As ZZ Top said……

“They come runnin’ just as fast as they can
Cause every girls crazy ‘bout a sharp dressed man.”

Hi Cherie!
I thought I'd send you an email my new account - will be switching over from my gmail.
Figured while I was sending this I'd include our professional wedding pics we just recently got. You'll notice our girls are the complete stars of the show!!! They loved being the center of attention and all the pictures with them in it came out wonderfully. I also included a picture of our cake toppers - we had an artist in Oregon make them for us - they are wooden carved dachshunds with the exact coloring and markings of our babies! Unfortunately, one of them had to wear the top hat LOL! I hope Penelope didn't mind...
I hope you are enjoying your summer and all of your babies are doing well! How is everything with the family? I think of you all often and still enjoy checking the website!