AUTUMN'S little Girl AUTUMN 
HAPPY in Her New Home!!!!!

 Happy in Our New Homes!!!!!!

This Page is for Pictures and Testimonies of Our Past litters of Puppies. They were sent to us by their new Families in their new For-Ever Homes!!!!!

For-Ever-Homes 2
For-Ever-Homes 3
Just letting you know we are sooooo thrilled with Captain that we want another one…
I would like to start an E-Mail communication with you regarding a surprise Christmas present for Sue.
I would like to put a deposit down for the future litter of Gunner & Pebbles.
I would like for Sue to pick when the puppies are born but I think we are leaning towards a another male. I would also like to know what you need as a deposit and if you can post something on the Website on Christmas Eve so I can surprise her when I open your website on Christmas morning.
If we don’t choose to meet you like we did the last time maybe we will take the ride with Captain
to have him meet his parents?
Hope all is well!
Thank you in advance,
For-Ever-Homes 4
So nice to hear from you! Reeses is doing great and is a real sweetheart! He is absolutely beautiful and people stop to comment on him whenever we are out and about. He is so calm, sensitive and funny. We all absolutely adore him.
I saw Autumn a few times and she is so adorable. Aneta and I can't wait to introduce them!
I switched Reeses to the TLC food you recommended. He really likes it and switched without a fuss. His coat had been a little dry lately because of the cold weather and our home being so dry. I think the new food is helping.
I included some recent photos of my little cuddle monster. Hope you have a great 2014!
Best, Dina

Hi Cherie
Just a little note to say Hi and that all is FANTASTIC! Emma is so darn cute and full of life. She is an early riser though lol. She is growing so fast. Tomorrow she gets her second round of shots. I hope it does not hurt much or I will cry. 
We can't wait for the weather to break so we can take her out more often. Although she loves it outside these cold temps are too much. She loves to play in the snow. Again only for a minute :)
When Bob brings up the laundry basket to fold cloths she can't wait to steal the socks. It's like she knows just where they are. We let her of course because its so darn funny. Her tail still wags so fast pictures don't pick it up. 
I have to laugh when I tell her NO sometimes because she talks back. I have to turn my head so she does not see me smiling. She is so smart too. Can't fool her much lol.
She loves to cuddle just before bed and follows me around while I get ready. We are getting on more of a schedule as she is pretty much at home. Very inquisitive too. Not much scares this little girl. She is bold and confident for sure.
Can't imagine our life without her now. She is definitely one of the family and everyone just loves her.
Take Care Cherie.
Say Hi to Troy for us and give Gabbie and Hoss a little kiss from us and Emma.
Blessings to you both.
Bob and Barb

Hi Cherie,
We are just in love with this little girl! She has been nothing but joy for us for the past two weeks. We could not be happier with her, and of course she is already so attached to us (just as we are attached to her). She has already changed so much in just the short amount of time we have had her. She is a good sleeper, and naps often, but when she is awake.. man is she a little spit fire!! She loves both of our cats (can’t say that love is truly reciprocated) and loves to chase them around. She eats a few times a day, and she uses her puppy pad a good 85% of the time! 
She has just been such a great addition to our little family, and of course all of our friends and family have been in and out in the past few weeks to visit the new baby. She gets love wherever we go! It’s funny, a lot of people think she is a little cocker spaniel, and we always catch everyone by surprise when we tell them she is a dachshund! She is one special little puppy, and more than we could have even asked for!
I will attach some pictures to this email so you can see how much she has changed. I will also do my best to send you update pictures every once in a while.
Thanks again,
Melissa M.

Hi Cherie & Troy,
Thank you again! Reggie is such a fuzzy bundle of fun!!! He is loving his new brother and sister, Shane & Maren!!!! and they are loving him right back!!!!  
He did really well last night. Slept all night and didn't squeak but one time early this morning. We set his crate up and built the exercise pen to the crate for him to sleep in at night. He did just as you said, when he needed to potty, he used the potty pad. Such a good boy!!!!!  
I've attached a few photos for you. Reggie's having a good time and adapting well to becoming a member of our family.
I'll keep you updated on all of Reggie's great adventures!

It has been a while since we checked in. Toby has grown so much. He is still as handsome as ever. His personality is perfect. He loves a good adventure outside but is quite content snuggling on the couch as well. He is still a little chatterbox, thinking he is a scary guard dog. He loves his vegetables (thanks to your early start on the green bean treats). Toby is a perfect addition to the family! It is hard to believe he is almost a year old already! We will send you birthday celebration pictures in April! 
God bless!

Hi Cherie,
Just wanted to stop by and say that we are so glad that Onyx found a home. We are already thinking about letting Flappy have a little brother but didn't want to falsely commit. We will be keeping an eye out during the spring and summer though! Hope you are doing well! Flappy says hello!

Hi Cherie ~
We want you to see our sweet little Nitro with his new family! He was so happy to be introduced to all of the kids and how surprised they were!!! They sat around him in a circle and he crawled around army style to each of the kids to introduce himself with KISSES!!! He could not be any cuter!
He is adapting to his new surroundings unbelievably well! He is going to the bathroom outside already (he gives a little whine and out we go!) and is eating and drinking too. He had a fun morning playing with the kids and has now been taking a long afternoon nap :)
This is a very, very special little dog. All of your dogs are :) and we feel so fortunate to have been blessed with a puppy from you! We will share with everyone who asks about Nitro how amazing he is and what a wonderful experience we have had with you!
We will absolutely be sending in our deposit for a little girl to join Nitro and our family! 
Thank you so very, very much!
Patrick & Valarie and the Gang

Good Morning!
I made mom & dad dinner for tonight and just had to take it over this morning!  
Yes, it was my sneaky way to see Mr. Wiggles this morning. tee he he.
He is wonderful! I want to take him home!
While I was there after work, we were putting some groceries away, and Mr. Wiggles went to his puddle mat and did his duty!  
That was so cool! then mom fixed his dinner and he ate really good.
We all played on the floor in the living room. His big sister Deb & big brother Fred stopped over to see him too.
I telephoned my parents about 7:30 pm and mom had just taken Mr. Wiggles upstairs, had his bed made in a laundry basket, & they watched some tv.
They said he slept well - til about 6ish and mom brought him into bed where he crawled all over my dad and licked up his neck. 
Mom got up - went down stairs and he did both of his duties on the puddle pad right away. Smile emoticon Then had his breakfast.
Everything is super, and it is so nice to see mom and dad giggling and playing with him.  
He gives my mom's life meaning. 
She talks about closing the office and filling it up with puppies! LOL!  
Have a great day,

foxie is doing awesome, slept through the night too. she is kissing me and bubba constantly was chasing buuba around waging her tail and playing with him, tell troy she has a pink bow in her hair(not my idea) but looks cute on her, my sister-in-law put her on face book with a lot of likes- now she has her 15 minutes of fame. soo pretty I love her soo much. I have pictures on my phone to send once I figure out how tomorrow .thanks a million for a wonderful baby girl!!
Sincerely, dan

Hi Cherie,                                                                                                  
The last several months have been a growth spurt for Redzi Rose. She is now 8.5 lbs. and her coat is getting longer and curlier. She is a pleasant, calm puppy who has been socialized as I take her to the nursing home where my mom is staying. Redzi is welcomed with loving words and hands. She is the 'star' of the nursing home. Even the nurses want her to stay as she calms the patients and make them smile.
The picture is of my 3 year old grandson, Oliver and Redzi. Last Friday I was watching them play together. Oliver wanted to see "Dora the Explorer" on YouTube. As you can see they enjoyed watching the video together. It such a joy to she how both became the best of friends.
Thank you again for giving me such a loving, sweet puppy. Everyone just loves being around Redzi and she returns the love too. I hope spring is finally here as Redzi enjoys being outside watching the squirrels and rabbits.  
Peace & Blessings to you and your new puppies, Heide & Redzi Rose

Nice to see you again as well.
We drove straight through on Saturday Night getting home at 10:30 pm! Long Day but worth it. Didn’t know if we would get sleep anyway in a hotel so we gambled correctly. Bunker whimpered a little but for the most part was awesome on the way home. Captain still is a little stand offish but is slowly warming up to him. Bunker is all over the place running around and Captain just observes. I can see that Captain is warming up to him but has allowed him to jump on his bed a curl up like it was his own. As we get into a routine this will get easier and easier each day.
Bunker has a great personality and we couldn’t be happier. He has been eating up a storm and lets you know when he has to potty. Just like Captain,
Seems like it will be a very easy transition to get him to go outside (which he done since he has been home).
We will keep in touch.
Thank you again. 
Attached are a couple of pics my neighbor took. Everybody just LOVES them!
Sorry for the late reply. Thank you for the weight email. I really appreciate you taking the time to send it.
They are both doing great. They love each other. Max is sleeping with Julia and Mazie is still with us. 
Hope you are doing well and we will send updates.
:)Jeff, Donna, Julia, Mazie and Max
Happy Mother's Day Cherie :)
Here is a picture of your babies!
I just wanted to wish you a happy day and to show you how they are doing.
Rosco wants to snuggle so much with Nitro and Nitro is good with that! Nitro is playing a bit too hard at times but Rosco will let him know with a little yelp or he will trot away to the closest lap. We are letting them 'go' but are watching Rosco for signs of needing a break. Nitro has a pretty strong bite but is learning that he needs to be more gentle with Rosco. By the way...Rosco's coat. Oh my gosh!! Petting him is like touching a cloud :) And Rosco slept from 10:30 until 5:10am in his crate in our room without a whine. He whined for under 5 mins when we first put him in and then not a peep until then. His crate was dry and he went right outside to the bathroom.
We are loving this! The transition for both pups will require some figuring out but they are becoming fast friends :)
Thank you for what you have done for our family!!!!
Have a glorious mother's day
xo Valarie

It is nice to hear from you! Everyone is great over here! We are expecting a third child in August, but not a dog this time! 
I attached our baby announcement featuring Oliver and Lilly. 
I hope all is well with you and your family.
Sincerely, Sam
Hello! We are all doing great!! Kona is such a joy to have around and is sleeping and eating very well!! She seems to love her new home!! She has been keeping us busy with all her energy :) She has had lots of visitors and has been loving all the attention!!! We are working on potty training and teaching her not to nip! Haha! any advice? (Maybe the nipping is just her being a puppy?) 
We absolutely love her and are so grateful to have her in our lives!! Hope all is well and keep in touch!!!
Sincerely, Andrea, Joey, and Kona

Hi Cherie,
Rachel and I hope you are doing well! Flappy's 1 year birthday is coming up on Sunday and we just wanted to send you a quick update email with some pictures. He is now 18 pounds and is as handsome as ever. He loves to go on outdoor adventures and playing fetch with his squeaky ball.
I hope you enjoy these and we look forward to seeing Willow and Gunner's pups!
Best, Norman

He is too funny, he is my boy through and through. My husband can pet him when I am holding him but if he is running and playing in the backyard he bars like crazy at my husband. Then he runs. He just loves to run and play with the other guys. But his best bud is Darla she plays with him chases him which he loves to be chased. Well that is all for now. Next time some new pics.
Take care

Hi Cherie
Hope all us well. Willows pups are so beautiful. Just thought I would send you a pic of our beauty. We love her so so much. Hope you are having a wonderful summer. We have been busy with Hunter and lots of swimming. It's so funny when Hunter and Emma play. They tire each other out for sure. So cute. I know you are busy with your new babies but just had to pop in and say Hi.
Blessings to you and Troy
Bob and Barb
Dear Cherie,
It's hard to believe that my little Redzi Rose will be one year old next month. She has been such a sweetheart, easy to train, loveable and keeps me company. Redzi and my grandson, Oliver, (3 yrs.) are the best friends and play together. They give me so much joy when I watch them together. The picture attached is from last weekend together. They were resting after an afternoon of play. You can see how Redzi has grown.
Redzi Rose is making visits to my mom's nursing home 2-3X a week. Everyone just loves her personality. She loves to get her belly rubbed and is very gentle with everyone. I'm taking Redzi for her second session for "Paws for People" training next month. She passed her initial testing to become a certified 'therapy dog.' I know she will do well as she enjoys the attention and being with all people.
My neighbor asked for your name as his uncle wants to adopt a long-hair Dachshund (red of course). Redzi plays with the long-hair 3 yr. old red Dachie next door. They chase each other and we go on walks together. Thank you again for your careful breeding and the socialization of your pups before they find their new home. Redzi was so adaptable and continues to be just the sweetest pup. 
Peace and Blessings for you and your upcoming litters, Heide
Aug 22
Hi Cherie,
It's been a long time and I hope all is well with you and yours! I still check your website frequently as I love seeing those puppies!
It has been awhile since I updated you the love of our lives, Teddy. He has grown up to be such a handsome, well-behaved, and precious dog. He has a wonderful sense of humor, loves other dogs and people, and loves to play. We are so happy that he is a part of our family. Everyone loves him and we are constantly stopped on the street and asked what kind of dog he is, as he's just so beautiful!
He is beyond spoiled, of course, but we knew that would happen! He has a huge box of toys, but is obsessed with a little stuffed badger we got for him and carries it with him everywhere. He sleeps in bed with us every night and is always by my side. He is not a fan of the summer heat, and much prefers to cozy up with me in the comfort of our air conditioned-home!
We had a birthday party for him in April, and it's hard to believe we've had him for over a year! We took our first plane ride with him in July, but he was not a fan and was curled up in my lap (under a blanket) the entire time. He does well in cars and trains, though!
His favorite treats are: pieces of freeze-dried chicken and duck, frozen peaches + cherries (no pits!), yogurt, broccoli, carrots, and string beans. This summer, I've been making him little popsicles in an ice cube mold filled with peanut butter, yogurt, and turkey bacon.
He makes us so happy!! We always talk about getting him a little sister in a couple of years, but we're not sure he would be comfortable with not being the center of attention! I've attached some photos. Thank you again for this wonderful baby boy!!
Lesley, Matt, and Teddy
Ride home was fine...whining a bit, but nothing some cuddling and petting wouldn't take care of!
Lots of kisses, playing and belly rubs are currently happening!
He is such a wonderful puppy!!!

This picture of the 3 pups that Greeted me at the front door today. My girls were too busy enjoying the sunshine ;) Take care
Gina & Kira
Photos attached! :) The last 2 Luca is getting tummy rubs from AJ which put him to sleep! He is also wearing his Steelers shirt for the game tonight, but obviously he won't be seeing the kickoff if he's sleeping! :)
Luca is doing wonderful! Tried the leash for a bit last night so he can get used to it. He is doing awesome in the crate! First two nights were rough, but now he doesn't even make a peep except for a little whine usually about 2:00 or 3:00 am. I wait for him to not whine and then I take him out, he potties quick and right back in the crate and back to sleep! He is eating great and potties the second we put him out. We are very diligent about taking him out after playing, eating and sleeping so that certainly helps! He really loves his tummy rubs and enjoys when the boys get home from school because they take turns reading to him for their homework (while Luca sits in their lap)! The boys have been awesome helpers with him playing and helping to potty him!
Luca and Gizmo have become friends and each morning after the boys head to school the two of them like to tear through the house chasing each other! I'll try to send one of those videos to you in another message too! Luca is trying to win the cat over, but at least the cat tolerates Luca sniffing him and then he just walks away when he is tired of it!
We just love him so much and he fills our hearts with love!

OH Cherie,
we just LOVE her!!!!! I can't tell you how much, the feelings are overwhelming. She is getting along great with everyone in our household as you can see from our cat Molly watching over her :)
The first couple of days she wasn’t eating a lot. I have softened her food and she started eating it. She was only eating breakfast and dinner, about 1/4 cup per day. Starting yesterday she starting eating lunch. She would eat when we handfed her 1 piece at a time (I know, I shouldn’t do that), but she ate it better that way. Every day she is eating more. Yesterday she actually had food morning, lunch and dinner. That made me happy.
I think she has an internal clock. We go to bed and every night she is up at 300am-330am. I take her outside and she does both her duties and then we go back to bed until 600am when Kailie gets up for school. She did cry next to me for a few nights, but last night when I put her in the crate next to me, she settled down and went right to sleep. She is very smart also. She and Trixie have been playing and Elsa gets alittle rough and starts biting and pulling on Trixie. Trixie runs away and is afraid. I have been telling her "no bite" and it seems that she understands and is becoming more gentle each day with Trixie.
I took her to our Vet Tuesday and she passed with flying colors. But you knew she would, and so did I. Elsa weighs 3 1/2 pounds. She goes for her next distemper the end of the month.
She follows us all over…lol….if she doesn’t see one of us, she will whine and we call her and she comes running. She is becoming her own, it is sooo cute to watch her. this morning she was actually running around the yard and not right at my feet. She is such a happy happy girl.
Sorry I haven't updated you sooner, I was going to wait until this weekend.
Thank you for letting me take care of one of your babies. :)
"talk" to you soon :)

Hi Cherie,
Ollie is doing great! He's sleeping all through the night in his kennel. He loves the blanket you gave him. He sleeps with it and all his fuzzy toys, then drags them out of the kennel and all through the house!
He had his well baby visit with our vet and, of course, everyone there loved him! Dan thought for sure someone was going to try to sneak him away!!
He has a huge appetite and does all his business outside!
Jack is getting used to having him around. Although, he hides when Ollie chases him because Ollie tries to grab his tail! It's too cute!
I've attached a few pictures. We'll send more soon!

Good Afternoon Cherie,
It’s been a while since we’ve talked but I just wanted to let you know what joy little Heidi has brought us this past year. I can’t believe that she’s already going to be a whole year old next week.
She is just so sweet and beautiful. Her beauty is not just “skin deep” either. She has such a beautiful loving heart as well.
She is just so lovable and cuddly with both my husband and myself and when our sons come to visit she is more than happy to lavish her love on them as well.
I looked at your website and was thrilled to see pictures of my little girl right on the front page. What an honor for her!
I’ll send you a few pictures just in case you want to try “before and after” with her.
I can’t tell you how many times Mike and/or I have had this little darling out for a walk and whenever or wherever that is we are stopped along the way because she is just so striking. One of the little girls at our camp asked me if I would let her take Heidi home for $10. I told her that she could sit on my porch and pet Heidi as much as she wanted but I would not be able to let her take her home. That was probably all the money she had in the world and she wanted to buy Heidi with it…how adorable is that?
She is just so smart too. We can’t even say the words “walk or ride” out loud anymore, we have to spell them because those are two of her favorite things to do. It probably won’t be long before she catches on and figures out the spelling! Why not, I had a doxie that could tell time!
I’ll send the pictures real soon.
Take care, Dorothy

Hi Cherie:
Hope you and your family enjoyed a nice Christmas. Just wanted to send you a photo of Coty.....our pride and joy.....wearing his Christmas attire! Enjoy. Hope you have a great new year ahead!
Elsa is so funny Cherie. She makes the cutest noises when expressing herself. She is a talker. She has the best personality. I have to tell you, I would LOVE another, but my husband might just have my head…lol
I have been keeping an eye on your site. I will get another, but I need to hold off right now. If it were up to me, I would get 10 more. Elsa is such fun!!!
My husband is home from work now until January and Jeff is having such a great time with her. Those 2 are the best buddies. (and he is the one that was not so sure on getting another one)
You have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!
Thank you for the heads up on the new litter coming. I will definitely be watching out for puppies. I will let you know when we are ready J

We just love looking at your website and new pups. Milo lives in Celebration Fl now 2 minutes from Disney!! We will def be getting another baby in the future and you are the only one we would use!!
Happy holidays! The Livingstone Family

Hi Cherie,
Merry, Merry Christmas :)
I was so thrilled to see the photo's of Ruby Rose's pups!!
I hope all went well for her and the puppies and that you are having a joyful Christmas.
Love from Valarie, Patrick and the kids
Hi Cherie,
I hope this letter finds you, your family and all your beautiful pups doing well.
What can I say about Ollie...? He's sweet, loving, shy (but a tough guy from a distance) full of energy and a complete character! He has 2 speeds...on and off!! 
Ollie and Jack are the best of friends. It took about a week, but Ollie won him over!
I've attached a few pictures for you. As you can see by the way he sleeps, he has a personality all his own!
Dan loves this dog like crazy and the feeling is mutual. He's was just what we needed!!!
Talk to you soon!
Hi Cherie,
After three training sessions and testing at Rehab and Nursing home, Redzi Rose and I are now official PAWS Therapy team. We can begin visiting schools and rehab/nursing homes this week. I was so proud of her. She is so sweet, calm and tail wags all the time. Redzi loves people and the attention. She brings a smile to everyone and I fell so blessed to have her my companion. Once she's at least two years old we will attend advance classes so she can then visit hospitals and cancer centers.
Hope all is well with your puppies. It's been a tough winter so far with lots of cold, snow and ice. Can't wait until Spring. Best wishes to all, Heide & Redzi Rose
Hi Cherie,
We are doing great and so is Ivan! He slept really well, in our room in his bed. He started to stir pretty early this morning but went back to sleep. We are going to start him in his crate today. The kids are so in love. Balin is amazing with him, calm, gentle, sweet and so attentive. Selia is a little more high energy!! 
He has done all his potty on the paper in the house. I've taken him out a few times but he's not too interested in being in the snow and cold so pee or poo outside. Do you think it's ok to continue using the paper for now until he gets used to outside. Unfortunately it's so cold and will be this week! 
:) Kate
Hi Cherie,
She's absolutely wonderful!
Everyone is doing great! The car ride home (other than the horrible weather!) was great. She was quiet but bright eyed and alert the whole way home.
Jack and Ollie took to her immediately. She has so much personality, just like Ollie!
She had her well baby checkup yesterday...3.9 lbs! She eats just like Ollie...her entire face and her ears in the bowl! She's excellent when it comes to the puppy pad. (It's just way too cold to bring her out!)
I know there's so much I'm leaving out...but we are thrilled. You raise the best puppies ever!! I've attach a few pics...I'll send more soon.
PS...jaws is fine :-)
He now has someone else to help him get all the squeakers!!

Well, I didn't know if the time would ever come but he finally layed down. Here he is in his new bed with your blankie and his favorite toy. He likes to have his head rest off the side of the bed. Lol! He is sooo cute!!!
I hope you have a pleasent night.
Lots of hugs,
LynnAnn & Danielle :-)
Hey Cherie,
Hope all is well.
Here is pictures of my beautiful Autumn . I love her too much!!!!!

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