Happy in Our New Homes!!!!!!

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This Page is for Pictures and Testimonies of Our Past litters of Puppies. They were sent to us by their new Families in their new For-Ever Homes!!!!!

Dear "Momma" Cherie,

Last night I went to my first class for the AKC Canine Good Citizen Award. My Momma took me to the class in Savona at the Fire Hall. When we pulled in to the parking lot she remarked that those waiting outside were all big dogs. And sure enough, There are 8 of us in this class and I am the smallest. There are 2 Labs, 1 Rottie, 1 Australian Shepherd,
1 Golden Retriever, 1 Goldendoodle, 1 mixed breed larger dog and me. I was taking it all in and looking around, or should I say looking up, at all the others. Everyone in the room was also looking at me. I heard comments like, "He's so adorable", "Wow, he's well behaved", "I didn't know a tiny dog like him could be so smart" (not sure what that lady thought), and my favorite...."He's a cutie.". The class is more fun than the obedience class I did last spring. The teacher, Denise, spent the time watching us work with our handlers and she put us through some of the basic CGC testing points. She even had Momma pass me off on my leash to Denise's husband, Peter, while she left the building for 3 minutes. This was the one thing we were most worried about because I am somewhat a Momma's boy. But, I did good. I whined once and Peter spoke to me and I was OK after that. When Momma came back, she just walked in, thanked Peter and walked me away calmly. Then a man I don't know (turns out he's the fire chief) came up to us and asked to pet me. I let him and behaved perfectly. We passed. WooHoo !!!! Over all I was exhausted but had fun. I do have some more intense work to do but I think we can do it. I can "test" for the CGC Award on November 7th but unfortunately I cannot test for Therapy Dogs International that night because I won't be 1 year old until December 3rd. Missed the deadline by one month. Oh, well...we will test in 2013. That's our goal, to have me be a TDI canine. Momma wants me to be able to go to the hospital and nursing home here in Bath and also maybe become a "Tail Wagging Tutor" through TDI at our local library. Big plans for a little guy like me. But my parents have explained to me that this is what God has in store for me. And I am a child of God's. 

Give my Mom and Dad a hug from me...

Hi Cherie,
Just a quick note to say Alfie is doing great! He's adjusting well and always let's us know when he needs to go out to do potty! He is amazing! He loves to cuddle in our lap and bury his face in my sweater :)
You were absolutely right about what a loving sweetheart he is. He was a good boy at his visit to the vet. Everyone falls in love with him no matter where he goes. The first day his appetite was a bit off due to all the changes, but today he is eating well.
Please say thank you again to Troy for dropping him off and again apologize if we were a bit out of it--we were just so taken by Alfie that we forgot about everything else :)
He loves his crate---we leave it open in the kitchen and often hops in on his own and naps a lot. He loves this little hand towel I used to wipe his paws after being out on the damp grass. He grabbed it and now it's his new toy :) oh and he loves to chase us in the yard! Hops around like a bunny rabbit :)
I have to run. I will send a proper email soon. Here are a few pics taken on my camera. He's looking out the window because wants to run in the grass. One of the pics is of him waking up from a nap :) and one of him playing with the little towel :) enjoy!
Take care and thanks again Cherie!!

Hi Cherie!
Sorry for the late reply to your email. We've just been caught up in holiday festivities :)
I hope you and Troy and your family have a wonderful Christmas! I will send some updated Alfie pics soon! He is growing and happy and healthy. He currently weighs 9lbs and his tail never stops wagging. He is friends with all the dogs on the street (big and small) and his best friend is Sampson the big tabby cat next door :) We have a lovely dog sitter named Lisa who checks in on Alfie twice a day when we are both at the office. Lisa is our next door neighbour and adores Alfie so much (and he loves her too :). It gives me peace of mind on the days when I am at work knowing that he is under the best care.
Well enjoy the holidays and I will send updated pics very soon :)
all the best,
Vini, Narinder and Alfie :)

Hi Cherie!

How are you? Patrick and I just wanted to say Hi and give you a little
update about Dug... He's settling in well! He's starting to develop a
cute little personality and is a very good cuddle buddy. He's quite a
hit in both mine and Patrick's families. Everyone loves our new
addition and he's been getting a lot of attention the past couple
weeks. Here are a couple photos of him from the past 3 weeks. We hope
you, your family, and your dachshunds are all doing well!


Hi Cherie,
Just wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and let you know how well my little guy is doing!  
Darby is doing great with his housebreaking never pees in the house and a few poop accidents, but for the most part, great. 
He is the most fun and loving puppy loves the other dogs in family and everyone else. People stop me on the street and say how cute he is!!
He has so much personality packed in that little body. He loves to play and fetch and he comes when called and knows his name.
He will be neutered on 12/3. 
Thanks again for giving Darby such a good start!!!! I am crazy about him!
Best Regards,
Donna H

Hi Cherie, 
I am attaching some pictures of the girls for you to see them now.  
Greta and Truffles are growing. Greta now looks more like a dachshund more so than Truffles. Both of them are spoiled. 
Greta likes to stay on the floor and play with her toys. Truffles like to be on the sofa with me. Both of them follow me where ever I go in the house. If they don't see me they cry until they see me again.
The girls went to the Vet on Monday for their next set of shots. Both of them did fine this time. The Vet gave them two shots to make sure they didn't have a reaction like they did the last time. This time the Vet listen to me not like the first time.
Almost everyone that see's the pictures that I sent you like Greta because of her coloring. I love them both equally. 
Those two girls make me very happy when I am feeling down. I am glad that I did get both of them. 
Would also, like to wish you and your family a happy and safe holiday season.
Thank you again for letting me purchase both girls.

Happy Holidays, 
Sorry it's been so long but time is just passing, I just wanted to give you an update on Beaker now that she is 10 months old. She is doing great, she's as smart as a whip, and stubborn at times. She is almost 12 lbs, she gets a lot of attention when we are out and I have refered people to your website. Any way she loves kids, and is always ready for an adventure. After having her for 7 months now I think you need to change your saying about loving dachshunds awakens your soul to dachshunds love with their whole heart. Because my girl certainly does, last week Scott and I were sick and she just curled up and laid next to us the whole time, so on second thought that was good for our soul. LOL. Well take care and have a Merry Christmas and a Healthy and Happy New Year.  


Hi Cherie just wanted to send you some pictures of Beaker now that she is 2. I love when she plays in the snow and it gets stuck in her beard.
Take care and stay warm.

Merry Christmas Cherie! I included a picture of Royce. He's such a wonderful part of our family. So beautiful and loving. Sometimes he's a little ridiculous .. He tends to snort when being cuddled haha. Thank you so much for bringing him into our family. 

I hope you and your family (human and canine alike!) have a safe and wonderful holiday and new year. 


FIONA with her New Family!!!! 
(Fiona is from Autumn's 2012 Litter)

Indeed, we are all well and Schatzi can't wait for Christmas....He can smell his dog toys and is driving us crazy....I'm about ready to give in and give one to him. LOL....He's a perfect fit to our family and he goes to everyone. He's a barker when anyone comes on our property or comes to the door, but once he sees you're meant to be here, he'll claim you as his own and will sit on your lap the whole visit. We really couldn't have been blessed with a more perfect dog. He has such personality and we love him so much. We check your new litters now and again and get puppy lust, but then realize one is just right for us at this time in our family's life. 
All the best to you.
The Warners!

Hi Cherie,
Merry christmas to you and your family and of course all of the dachshunds!!! I hope everything is well with you!! Duncan is absolutely perfect in every way!! We are so in love with him - I can't believe we have already had him for over 2 years now! Kyle and I just bought a house and will be moving out very shortly and my parents who are also in love with Duncan are going to miss him so much, I have a feeling they may end up contacting you in a couple of months or a year... We will see! Kyle and I always go back and forth about whether or not to get a little sibling for Duncan too, and always love looking at your new litters. Maybe 2013 will be the year we decide to get another too. :)
Here are a couple of pictures for you - Duncan in his halloween costume, and curled up under the covers in his favorite spot, my bed.
Talk to you soon and happy holidays!
Rena, Kyle and Duncan

HI Cherie:
Well, Coty had his 2nd birthday and we celebrated it in style! Had our second birthday party for him complete with presents and party hats. We had hot-dogs (for the people friends) and cake (also for the people friends). Coty was very excited and loves to get new toys, so he had a great day! We enjoy Coty so much! He is such a great little guy, sooo smart and loving, he keeps us amused every day! Hope you enjoy the photos. Regards, Peggy, Edwin and Alexa ​

Cherie, (Captain at 17 Months Old)
Hope all is well. Captain is doing great! Sue is 
always on your website looking at your new litters.
Have a Great Day!

So Angel is doing just fine. She met her new family yesterday and she wasted no time chasing them around and playing tug of war and chewing on the raw hides. She also pooped outside twice and no accidents in the house...so far. She is such a good girl and she will be super spoiled. Her vet appt is scheduled for Thursday. I will send you some pictures when I get some good ones she just kept running around yesterday and it was hard to get a good one. Thanks again.​

Angel went to the vet today and she is a healthy little girl. She weighs 4.17 pounds. She is such a sweetie pie and very good. I will send you more pictures when I get some good ones

Good Morning Cherie 
I know you are one busy lady especially with FIVE new puppies. All of whom are adorable!!! Hope Ruby Rose is feeling rested.
But I have to tell you that we haven't laughed so hard since Rory came into our house. What a funny and adorable pup. He is sooooo happy!!! He wakes up and flies down the hallway, ears flapping to find the girls. He sits with them while they watch their morning cartoons. He is his happiest when he gets something he shouldn't have, like Fiona's pacifier and prances around the house with it He is pure JOY!!!
Riley truly enjoys the games they are playing with each other. She is acting like a puppy herself. She is watching his EVERY move but we noticed that she will smell his bottom to get the game started too
Thank you for everything If you don't mind my emails I would love to keep you up to date
Take Care,

Hi Cherie
I just wanted to let you know that Rory had his checkup today...along with Riley :)
He did very well...I warned them about the reaction the other pups had...they sent me home with an anti inflammatory...just in case...they made us wait an hour after the shots so they could keep an eye on him...I was very happy about that...
I have to tell you that our vet praised everything that you have done taking care of Rory...he said it is very obvious that you do this because you love these sweet pups...they took your name and number and if anyone wants a daschund breeder they will recommend you...we couldn't say enough wonderful things!!!
Rory had had an excellent week...so have we!
Hope Ruby Rose and her family are happy and Healthy...
Have a great weekend
Gina and Family

Sorry it took so long for Mandi and I to get back to you, what a busy 3 weeks it has been! Darryl is absolutely wonderful! Him and dug have been inseparable since we brought him home. Dug loves having a buddy and a brother with him all the time. He's helping show Darryl the ropes which is awesome (makes our life a little easier haha). Darryl did very well at the vet, gave him a little Benadryl before the appt. just in case, he was very noisy on the way there, but once we got him settled he was absolutely perfect. The vet kept gushing over how sweet he was and how good his demeanor is. I'll include some pictures below, hope all is well, we will send more updates soon!!

Good morning Cherie,
So sorry for not getting back to you right away, but wanted to take a video of the girls to send you. I'll post it on Maureen face book in the next few days so you can view it from there, the file would be to large to send it through email. The girls are doing great! Both humans and dogs. They both have there own personalities, Lilly is more laid back and care free to where Daisy Mae can go crazy. I call her crazy Daisy sometimes! She is very fast and likes to run down Lilly when they play. We may enter her into the wiener dog races at Batavia downs this summer. They do everything together, sleep, eat, go outside and love there carrots. Daisy Mae is the leader of the two, Lilly loves to give kisses. They both love to dig also. It's been a pleasure having these two ladies!
You are an exceptional breeder.
Tell your husband, Thank you! for serving this Great country of ours on this Memorial weekend.
We hope you have a great summer also,
tony, maureen and the girls both human and dog

Hi Cherie,
I hope are you and Troy are doing good.
I just have to tell you how beautiful Willow and Gunner's puppies are.
So sweet. Congratulations on another special litter. Four more happy families, thanks to you and Willow!!!!
Of course I have to say how so very blessed Guenter and I are for having our lil Rosalee. She is just soooo very special. And Rosalee and Stormy are such pals. They truly get along unbelievable good.
When you see one, then you see the other one close behind. They both love to be outside, just playing and laying in the sun near us.
They are just so sweet together. Everyone just loves her, just like we do. The grandchildren can not hug or cuddle enough with her when they come over. They all are so good with Stormy too, always remembering to share their love between them both. Well, Cherie, enjoy your new babies. Say Hi to Troy.
Have a very happy day.
Blessings, Guenter and Rita

Happy Independence Day Mama Cherie!!!!

Love the Breen Family

Hi Cherie!
Hope you and your husband are doing well....from the looks of the website, you have a lot of pups about to be born! Hope you're doing okay with Cocoa Peanut and Pebbles. Willow's pups are just so beautiful. While I have a few minutes as Teddy is resting, I wanted to write and let you know how our little guy is doing...
He did such a good job on the drive home, which felt soooo long. As soon as we got home, he peed on his potty pad and snuggled up in his crate. He LOVES his crate, by the way. Probably because Matt and I made it so cozy for him with your blanket, a fuzzy and soft bottom, and some soft toys for snuggling/chewing. The first night was hard, that's for sure...it was hard hearing him cry and I know he missed y'all. We were up with him several times throughout the night as he got used to us and us to him!
Matt stayed home with Teddy all this week and I think they bonded. I spent the mornings with Teddy, playing with him and making him breakfast and then, of course, relieved Matt in the afternoons when I got home. Now that school is officially over, it will be me and Teddy all summer!
He is getting used to his potty pads...we will transition him outside once he has his third round of the vaccination. Right now we keep the pad near the door, so he associates the front door with walks and potty time. He has spent a little time on our terrace, but he mostly just likes to explore out there. He hasn't gone potty out there yet. There are still some accidents, after all, but that's to be expected of course as he's just a little baby!
We took him to the vet on Thursday night for his first appointment with our vet and to get his second vaccination. The nurse and vet were very nice and he is weighing in now at 4 lbs, 5 oz. When they gave him the shot, he yelped (not because of the needle, but because the medicine was cold from being in the fridge) and when he yelped, Cherie, I started crying! Real tears! I hated hearing my lil guy so sad and me feeling so helpless. He reached out to me during and I snuggled him and I said, "Thank goodness that's over" and the nurse said, "No! We still have half of the medicine left!" It was hard for both me and Teddy, but I think I cried more. Ha!
We have introduced him to a few people and still waiting on more...everyone remarks on how beautiful and relaxed he is...he is truly such a mellow puppy. We just love him. Tomorrow I'm picking up a little pool for him for the terrace and the wearable front carrier I ordered is arriving tomorrow. I'm attaching a few photos of him.
Warmly, Lesley

Angel is such a doll. She loves to give kisses and she rolls over a lot for her belly rubs. She gets along just fine with Bingo, Peanut and Fritzie.. they just play all day. She is the best puppy I have ever gotten very well behaved. Thanks soo much!

They are all doing great! I will try resending you the picture. She is such a great and beautiful dog! She has such a great personality too! I can't believe she is already 1! It feels like we just got her. She loves to give kisses and still rolls over constantly for her belly rubs. She also has to be center of all attention. I couldn't have gotten a better dog than her. She is just like my Lady girl that passed..she acts just like lady did and she is very smart. Thanks again for a wonderful and beautiful dog and I will try to resend you her picture!

Hi Cherie!
Lilly is great. She is so sweet. She is eating, drinking, sleeping, going to the potty outside wonderfully! No accidents inside yet! Oliver is not quite sure what to think of her yet. He does growl when she gets too close, so we are keeping a close eye on them both during play time. Lilly is getting used to her crate, however she did sleep in the bed with us last night, she cried for almost an hour in her crate until we gave in. Tonight we plan on trying again. 
We will keep you updated on her progress.
Have a great week!
Sam & Aria 

Good morning Cherie! Toby is such a little angel! Thank you for Giving him so much love and giving him such a head start on the important lessons in life! He slept thru the night next to my side of the bed n his crate!:) although, Gracie did "help him fall asleep". He has not had any accidents inside yet and goes potty outside every time we take him out! He ate a little breakfast this morning. You were right, he likes me to sit next to him while he eats and wants it mushed up! He found his toy basket and started dragging around his raccoon. Gracie and Toby are already BFFs, talking constant non-stop to each other. May God bless you and your future pups. He certainly has blessed us with our Toby! 

Another amazing day! eating a ton, getting into a routine with us and running and loved the sunshine today! He loves his giant bed and blanket! he is a talker and it is so cute when he tries to tell us what he wants. He has only had 2 accidents in the house! I can't imagine my life without this little guy already!

Hi Cherie!
I was actually going to send you an email giving you an update on Penelope!
As soon as we got in the car she settled right around my chest and didn't cry the entire ride! She slept most of the time and when we stopped she went pee right away in the grass and was amazing! We had such great bonding time and she's already attached to my hip but definitely loves Andrew as well. She runs between the two of us and rolls over on her belly. It feels like we've had her for weeks! 
Last night we had her in bed as we were watching tevelsion and she feel asleep on me so I put her in her bed in the pen and she didn't even wake up. She woke up around 2 and took her out and she was good until 6 when we woke up and gave her some breakfast. She's been doing great with going to the bathroom outside. She's walking on the leash really well but still sits on my feet and jumps up to be held - which I just love!!! My parents came by to see her but we don't want anyone else coming until next weekend after we get some more bonding time with her. She took to them immediately and is just the sweetest puppy in the world! It's amazing how much love we feel coming from her and she's always wagging her tail and playing with all her toys. Andrew and I keep saying how lucky we are to have such an amazing puppy!!! It's mind blowing how fast we took to having her and how protective we are of her. The only time she's cried is when I went in the shower this morning and couldn't see me and when she has to go out - what a good girl you gave us! 
Andrew and I just loved meeting you in person and it was definitely worth the trip to get to spend some time getting to know you and your husband. We couldn't be happier with this entire experience and will definitely be back in the future as long as you keep breeding these amazing dogs! I teared up at what your husband said about us and am so glad you feel comfortable with us having one of your babies. 
I attached some pictures that I think you may enjoy :) I'll continue to send you pictures so I hope you don't mind too much! I hope everything went well with the other puppies and families! Thank you SOO much for blessing us with this gorgeous girl. 
Stephanie, Andrew and Penelope

Hi Cherie! 
I can't believe we've had Penelope for almost two weeks now and just wanted to send you an update. She is absolutely amazing and we fall in love with her more and more everyday! She's growing so much and love seeing more of her personality come out each week. Penelope is such a sweetheart and gives the best kisses! But when she gets in her crazy active modes we have the best time playing with her and laughing at her silly antics. She's doing so well and has been on a great schedule for eating, sleeping, ect. and getting nice and long - she can barely lay across my lap without her head hanging over! She finally has met both our parents - wanted to take it slow so she wasn't too overwhelmed - and did fantastic! She took to them all so quickly and was wagging her tail away! Overall, she's doing so well and if you can believe even more of a mamas girl since that first day. It really was meant to be and I've never thought a connection with a dog could be like the one I have with Penelope.  
Thank you so much for everything!!!!! Hope all is well with the other puppies :)
Stephanie, Andrew and Penelope! 

Today Gunner and Willow’s son, Louie, is 19 weeks and 5 days old. He weighs 9.13 pounds and is in perfect health. He had is last “puppy visit” with Dr. Mix today and she was so impressed with him. She had so many compliments for you and the dogs that you are breeding. She said that they see many dachshunds, but none of them have the gentle temperament and as perfect in stature and form as Louie and Joey are. She said that it is obvious that you are raising the perfect dachshunds. Louie was so loving and quiet, but “perky”, during his visit. No barking or growling. Everyone was so taken with him. And of course they pick on me by saying, “So, how’s the beagle doing??” J They all know that gets to me. But, they have the honor of having only one piebald dachshund in the practice……and that is our Lovable Louie Pinto Bean.  
Both Steve and I thank you so much and pray that God will continue to bless you and Troy with wonderful dachshunds. Anyone who gets a puppy from y’all is getting a precious, perfect gift.
Chris and Steve

Thank you so very much for this wonderful gift. He is so cute. The
pictures of him that you sent were great but he is so much more handsome in
person. We just love him. The bonding process has begun and so far, so
well. I haven't had much time with him because Louie and Steve are just in
love. Joey has settled down and now is calmer. At first he was barking a
lot. Now he is OK. We took everyone outside and Joey and Bailey played
ball and Louie watched and even tried to pick up a tennis ball. Cute. 
I will keep you up to date.
A poem by Lovable Louie Pinto Bean

I was born in June on a Sunday bright, to Willow and Gunner with base coat of white. I am not a typical pup because I have spots, but please know, a Beagle I’m not.

I look like my Dad, all chocolate and tan, I’m told I’m quite a handsome little man. I have chocolate and tan freckles and spots, but please know, a Beagle I’m not.

My brother, Joey, is sleek black and tan, we share the same Dad, but that’s it man. I’ve had to explain to many who’ve seen me and my spots, please understand, a Beagle I’m not.

Through my veins runs blood so pure, there is no doubt, of this I am sure……I have the papers and pedigree and the moxie, My name is Louie, and I am 100% Doxie!!

hi Cherie,
  I hope you are well. I know its been a while. i'm typing with one finger as cali is asleep on my lap and I don't want to wake her. she is eating me out of house and home. lt is her favorite pastime. the only food I have found that she doesn't like is chicken livers. she only thru up once and that was from eating to much to fast. never any bathroom issues. she and sophie are buds. a lot of wrestling. cali is the aggressor and sophie makes sure she never hurts her. she does like to knaw on my wooden desk, but everything has its price and I can deal with it. she loves the yard, got her shots, no health issues, and is always happy. boy its good to be a dog. I don't have any photos, but I will get u some soon. I wanted to thank u for the job u did with her. I have refered people to your site, everyone thinks she is a cutie. I am glad that I didn't get 2, its a lot of work, but worth it. that's all for now, regards, walter

Hi Cherie...here's a picture of Dolly. She is a wonderful doggie. She is healthy, spirited, fun and not a fraidy cat. All this thanks to you. She's doing real well with housebreaking too. She still loves her carrots, not too big on green beans but loves her rawhide sticks.
We are so thankful to you and all the work you put into your breeding your very loved dogs.
Gratefully, Beanie 

Hey Cherie!

I hope you are doing well. Flappy is continuing to be a wonderful puppy! He is so full of life and curious about everything! Here is a picture of him after we went blueberry picking. It was a little warm yesterday so we had to take a break in the trunk. 

Have a wonderful Sunday!
Norman and Rachel
Hi Cherie!
I hope you are doing well! Flappy has been so amazing! We love him so much. I just wanted to send you a quick picture update. Have a wonderful day!

We arrived back home in about 3 1/2 hrs. and Redzi did very well. She was cuddled the entire way and we stopped several times. Redzi slept 7 hours last night in crate next to me. She also cries when she has to go out which is amazing. I am so happy with her. She is sweet and loves cuddling. I do too. Here are some pictures of her. She already identified the top of the sofa as her spot next to the stuffed doggie. She is sleeping there now as I work on the computer. Thanks so much for raising such a wonderful puppy. Peace & Blessings coming your way, Heide

Hey Moms,
I've been wanting to write to you, but I've been awfully busy adjusting to my new home! How have all of my cousins and aunts and uncles and grandparents and brother and sisters been doing? I hope they are all fine!

I have a question! Did you know what you were getting me in to?

I've got a new brother who is bigger than my whole other family put together. Thank goodness ~ he thinks I'm the best thing since sliced bread!

​Dear Sherie, O:-)
I hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. I'm sure you were busy with your new litter of pups. Redzi Rose is a wonderful, sweet little girl. While I'm still working on housebreaking, she is learning commands quickly (come, sit, fetch, out). She loves to play fetch with my grandson. Both Oliver (3 yrs.) and Redzi are the best of friends and playmates. She also has a doggie pal next door, another long-haired mini Dachshund (2 yr.). His name is Rudy and they play together nicely.
Thank you again for raising such a sweet pup whose socialization is going well. Redzi is now sleeping in her crate nearly 6 hrs. a night and wakes me up with a little squeal telling me she needs to go out. And she does. The picture attached was taken on Thanksgiving with Oliver and my mom who is 92 yrs. Redzi loves to give kisses to everyone and get her belly rubbed. As I'm typing this message, she is laying right beside me.  
I wish you peace and blessings this Christmas season. All the best for a Happy, Healthy New Year and finding good homes for your new arrivals.
Love & Blessings, Heide & Redzi Rose

Hi Cherie,
It's me.....Guinness! I turn 3 today and want to show off my new coat to you! I'm doing great....still spoiled! My Mom says hello and she hopes you're well! ❤️

He even taught me how to sneak his food when no one was looking!
​But, when I get caught, they take it away!
​And then, they make me do twenty pull-ups!!!!
Well, they say I'm fit as fiddle even though my new mom gives me a couple of scoops of ice cream for desert every night. I guess as long as I do my workout I'll keep in shape!
Say hi to the gang for me! Even though I like my new family, I think about you guys. We certainly had good times ~ didn't we!!!
Love me,

Hi Cherie!!!!
Things are going great!!! Colby and Jack are playing together so well! Colby is really fast and growing fast too! Jack likes to observe first, and be sure of things. They both love the raw hides we got and have been chewing away on them! And they both love to chase the cat hehehe! She has grown accustom to that by now. We are getting ready to schedule their 10 week vet appointment, and in will let you know how everything goes!!!
Thanks soooo much for checking in, and I hope everything is going well with Autumn's big litter!
Take care, 
Lindsay & Nat
AUTUMN'S little Girl MAZIE 
She is Now HAPPY in Her New Home with Julia!!!!! 

One more thing, Julia said that she loves her so much and she would do anything for her! And Mazie is the first thing she thinks about when she wakes up!!!!
Hi Cherie
I can't get over how smoothly things are going with all the pups. Rory and Riley are like nervous parents watching Roxy's every move. Riley positions herself to watch her and when Roxy falls asleep she goes over and smells her. When Roxy is doing her business they both wait for her. Rory and Roxy play all day together. Rory is sooooo gentle that you would never know he is still a puppy himself. The girls seem to enjoy having a dog to themselves...all these Christmas toys and they only pay attention to Roxy...she is one lucky girl. :)
Someone asked me if I was crazy for having 3 dogs and all I can think is how much more joy we have in the house now...
And another thing...Roxy has a certain walk when she needs to use the piddle pad....how more perfect can your pups get!!!! Lol....and she sleeps thru the night...I don't sleep thru the night! :)
Thank you again for all the joy you have brought our family!!! You are an angel!!
Since it is soooo cold all of the pups are using the pads indoors...here is a pic of Roxy waiting for Rory to do his business.....Have a Happy New Year!!!!

Good Morning Cherie –
I have been meaning to email you for a couple of weeks to give you an update. All three are doing wonderfully!!! Rory and Roxy are attached at the hip…The sleep together…eat together…play together…He even cleans her like a mama (or papa). It melts our hearts! 
The best part is Riley absolutely adores Roxy! One day Rory was playing with Roxy on the floor and Roxy gave a little yip. Riley barked at him and then went to check Roxy all over to make sure she was ok. Riley even allows her to cuddle up with her. 
We have also noticed how attached Riley has gotten to Rory. Although if you want a laugh cuddle with Riley or Roxy and you will see Rory’s green eyes come out. He is a daddy’s boy…He follows Patrick everywhere in the house. He loves it! Rory still lays on me like a tiny puppy. He is soooo loving!!! They all are.
We are all so happy with them. I can’t ever imagine having one dog again…They really need a buddy…and we need the constant laughter.
Thank you again for doing what you do…You have a very special place in my family’s heart J
And by the way…Since Fiona started undressing at your house it has become her thing…We can’t keep clothes on the child…lol.
Stay warm!!! Gina 

​Hi Cherie!!!
Everything with the girls are going really well! Penelope is getting more and more used to having Daphne around and isn't territorial with her food anymore but doesn't like when I give Daphne my attention - she is still a mamas girl! So Andrew and I try to make sure each of them are getting attention so everyone is happy :) Daphne is doing so so so well! She is the happiest little puppy and is very good at walking on the leash and going to the bathroom outside. She is soo adventurous and interested in everything - so different than Penelope as a puppy! They are complete opposites but not in a bad way on either side. I couldn't understand how that would work until we got Daphne and got to know her. I absolutely love having the two of them together and they LOVE playing together and running around outside after each other. Daphne still gets up pretty early in the morning but then we take her into bed with us and she goes back to sleep on my chest next to Penelope. When we go out, we leave them in their bed together and they snuggle while we are gone. I'm SO happy they have each other and I know they are happy to have each other as well! We've been having so much fun as a family of four and love taking the girls for walks. I included a few pictures for you to enjoy :) 
We are going to Dallas the 14th of February and are very excited! I hate to move far from my parents but I think it will be such a great experience for our little family! I also included a picture of our new place! There's lots of grass for the girls to run around and outdoor restaurants around the corner that dogs are allowed at. 
I hope you all are staying warm too!! It was 20 degrees the last few days and felt so warm compared to the 2 degrees it had been. 
Thank you soooo much for everything! 
Stephanie, Andrew, Penelope and Daphne

I had to send you this adorable picture... Roxy was napping on my lap...woke up and got a kiss from Riley :)
Hope all is well with you and your family!
Willie has opened up so much already! We just wanted to let you know that she was safely home and happy. She's quite the ham already, on top of being as happy and snuggly as you described. She's great with the pee pad and loves meeting our family.
Thanks so much, we couldn't have found a more perfect dog from a more perfect family. She was well worth the trip, and we will definitely stay in touch from time to time!
Best to you and yours,
Patrick and Abigail

Hi Cherie. Sorry it took so long to write. Sammi is doing great. Had Dr. apt this morning. She weights 5 lbs. Is prefect. Getting along with the other dog good. They even worry about her. She has made everyone her family. She does favor me the best. I can't b happier. Thanks again

Here are some pictures of Ginger and Spice as they have grown. We hope that you enjoy them as much as we do. Thanks

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