Conditions of Sale

Thank You Sooooo Very Much for Considering one of CAMSDachshunds Puppies to be a Part of your Family!!!! 
We absolutely LOVE When Someone Loves our Babies as Much as We do!!!!!

PLEASE Contact Us if you have Any Questions. If you are Interested in one of Our Puppies or Litters we can Email You our Deposit/Contract Form!!!!!

 Please CONTACT: 
Cherie @ 1-716-753-2439

[email protected]


You may Reserve Your New Puppy
by placing a
     non-refundable and non-transferable
  Deposit of $200.00
      by Postal Money Order or Cash
    Please Write Money Orders out to:   
  "Cherie A. M. Smith" OR "CAMSDachshunds"

CASH Only when Picking-up Your Puppy
     No Checks Nor Money Orders Accepted
     at the time of Pick-Up
 We will Meet Our Families 1/2 or partial way (within a reasonable distance) Contact us for more information & pricing...Thanks!!! 

 Prices will range from: $1495.00 to $1895.00
      (for LIMITED AKC Registration) 

We reserve the right for First Pick
 of Every Litter
    We Also Reserve the Right to Cancel Any 
     Contract, at Any Time, for Any Reason

                 All Sales are Subject to NYS Sales Tax

CAMSDachshunds is an American Kennel Club Breeder. 
Please contact us with questions about our Dachshunds. 
 We’re always happy to hear from fellow Dachshund lovers!!!!!

Our Puppies come with a Written and Signed 1 full year Guarantee against any congenital condition that adversely affects the health of the puppy (Look below for more Details "Conditions of Sale")

By the time the puppies go home with their New/For-ever Families, all puppies will be Very Spoiled. They will be up-to-date on age-appropriate Shots and Worming. They will have their Dew-Claws removed and will be Vet checked at least 2 times. They also will be weaned from their mother. They will be eating & drinking on their own, and sleeping throughout the night. The puppies will be well Socialized and they will have a Great Start on their Paper/potty training. Most of all, they will be Very Ready to become a part of Your Family and will be a Loving Companion!!!

All puppies will come with a "Puppy Folder" which contains: a Veterinarian Signed Health Certificate, a Shot Certificate (to show what shots the puppy has had) information about owning an AKC Registered Dachshund puppy, a "Puppy Handbook" with information on how to care for your new puppy and information about the Dachshund breed. They will also each go home with a baggy of "TLC" Natural Whole Life food that he/she has been weaned on, a safe toy, and a blanket that has been washed in our detergent and after we will rub their mother & litter mates scent on it (This gives the puppies a familiar item with a comfort scent that will help them on their first couple of nights in their new home with you)

Puppies Can go to Their For-Ever-Homes at the age of 8 Weeks old.
If you see a puppy that you would Love to be a part of your Family  
.....Please Put a Deposit on the Puppy You Love.....
This way your Special Puppy will be on Hold, Just for You, until it is Old Enough to go Home With You.
A $200.00 non-refundable Deposit will Hold the Puppy of your Choice. The Deposit amount will, of course, go Towards the Purchase Price of your For-Ever Puppy!!! We Will Not Hold a Puppy Without a Deposit. The Deposit is Required to Hold a Puppy, because it Shows the Seriousness of the Buyer to Purchase the Puppy of Their Choice. It also Makes it so that Specific Puppy will No Longer be Available to Other Buyers. The Remainder Balance will be due, in Cash, at the time you Pick-up your New Puppy (NO Personal Checks, Cashier Checks nor Money Orders will be accepted when picking up your puppy) For a Fee....We are Willing to Meet Our Families 1/2 way (within reasonable distance) OR we are willing to meet our Families at the Buffalo, NY Airport so that the Puppy can fly home with their family. Puppies cannot fly on most Airlines until they are at least 8 weeks Old.....Please contact the Airlines that you will be flying on for their rules and regulations (Delta Airlines will not allow the puppy to fly until they are 10 Weeks old) Please Contact us for More Information and/or for the Cost for us to meet you!!!!! 

During the time Your Puppy is on Hold.....I will email you updated pictures of Your Puppy each week and you are Always Welcome to email me or call me about Your Puppy at Any time!! You are also Welcome to come and Visit Your Puppy by Appointment.....Please give me a call so we can work out a good time for a Visit that can work for both of us!!!!

The Brand of Food that we Trust and raise our New Puppies on is Called "TLC" which is a WHOLE LIFE NATURAL DOG FOOD and TLC Natural PUPPY FOOD. We trust this brand because it is Made with GREAT Quality ingredients, with Chicken or Lamb as their First/Main Ingredient. When we started using this Brand you could tell that they are getting good nutrients by the clear, bright eyes and by the coats on our Puppies.....their Coats just shine!! We also Recommend NuVet Plus Vitamins for a good Supplement to your Puppies diet.

This is an Example of the Contract that you will sign ​​at the time of Sale and/or Deposit:

                                                         Conditions of Sale

Our Dachshund Puppies are sold as Great Quality Pets and Wonderful Companions. We strive for Excellent Health, Great Temperaments and Conformation. If you do not plan to Show or Breed your puppy, we recommend that you have your new Puppy Spayed/Neutered. We do not and will NOT willingly sell a puppy to a puppy mill, broker or pet shop.

Before our Dachshund Puppies are sold. They will be Examined by a Licensed Veterinarian checked for Good Health (a Signed Health Certificate will be provided) the puppies dew-claws will be removed and the puppies will have their age-appropriate shots and will be given a  de-worming medication. After Purchase, it is up to the Buyer to keep up ALL Veterinarian check-up, shots  and de-worming. Also, the buyer must license their puppy according to their own State/Township Laws.

At the Time of Purchase, This puppy has no known disease, illness or congenital condition that adversely affects the health of the puppy. The Buyer should have the puppy examined by his/her own licensed Veterinarian within 7 days, after the sale of the puppy. In the unlikely case that there is a health problem with your puppy, a signed "Unfit for Purchase Certificate" by a licensed Veterinarian must accompany the return. This Certificate must list what illness the pet has. I would also like to have the puppy be returned to the Breeder/Seller to be examined by the Breeders/Sellers Licensed Veterinarian to confirm cause of illness. The Buyer has a 1-Year Guarantee against any Congenital condition that adversely affects the health of the puppy. This guarantee does not include the size or coloring of the puppy. This guarantee will not result in any refund for a puppy that is exposed to sickness or if injured while living with the buyer (which includes sickness incurred by being fed a different diet other than specified by the breeder/seller) or by any medication administered by the buyer or his/her veterinarian, or any medical expense incurred by the buyer, or any undescended testicles in male. A return for refund for any other reason will NOT be accepted by the Breeder/Seller, such as a disagreement of family, landlord's disapproval, Allergies to animals or for any other reason other than Mentioned above. No Refund will be given, at all, for Any Transportation costs (which includes plane fare nor Mileage) It is further understood and agreed that no other warranty nor representation (other than what is stated on Page 1 & 2 of this Contract) has been made with respect to this sold puppy.​

We will ALWAYS be willing to accept a puppy/dog back, that was sold by us, FOR ANY REASON (for NO Refund) We would prefer to try to find a Good-Safe Home ourselves rather, than to have a puppy go to an unsafe home or shelter.

If you have any Questions or would like to Purchase a Puppy.......Please Contact Me!!!! Talking "Dachshunds" is always My favorite Subject!!!!

We are Located in Western NY.......Only about 19 miles from Jamestown or Dunkirk, 65 minutes from Buffalo and 45 minutes from Erie, PA. We are also willing to help our long distance Buyers with Delivery by meeting them partial way (within a certain distance, for a fee of .45 cents per mile) This Covers the Cost of Our Gas, tolls, parking and a bit of Time) Also, if you would like to fly to pick your puppy up, we would be willing to meet you at our local Airports (Erie, Pa or Buffalo, NY) 

Thank you so very much for viewing our website. All of the pictures on this site are pictures of our own Puppies that we have bred or pictures of our own Puppies/Dogs that live with us.

 Please CONTACT: 
Cherie @ 1-716-753-2439

[email protected]

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